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How to drive traffic to your blog using Facebook [Webinar Replay]

Facebook is one of the biggest sources of traffic for any web site or blog. Are you making Facebook work for your blog?

Here’s our webinar, “Facebook: Are you doing it right?” We hope these tips will help you drive more traffic to your blog. And the more traffic you’ve got, the more attractive you’ll be to advertisers.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the live presentation. Due to a couple technical glitches, we’ve edited the Q&A portion out of this video. Instead, we will present your questions here, along with a couple that we weren’t able to get to in today’s webinar. If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments below!

Q. How is our page seen on a viewers page with the new facebook changes?

The recent changes have not effected your fan page itself, but due to the new blended (top news and recent) nature of the news feed, it’s more important than ever to post quality content. The more likes and comments your posts get, the better chance they have of making into your fans’ Top Stories.

Q. Since the new FB page started, the updates to my FB page aren’t showing up on my wall. Is anyone else having the same problem?

We have noticed that it’s tougher to get page posts into Top Stories, but a) they’re still in Recent Stories, and b) really great posts make it to Top Stories. We know it’s tougher now than before, but it’s still very possible. This is why we emphasize quality and consistency.

Q. Under which “category” should you add your blog’s Facebook page?

This isn’t terribly important for bringing people to your page, but under the category “Brands and Products” is a subcategory “Web site.” This might be the best fit for you, or there might be another one that applies to your blog. In any case, what’s most important is getting the page out to potential fans, which can be done regardless of category.

Q. The profile images at the top of the wall are random as far as I know. How did Hyperarts do it?

CORRECTION: We apologize for the misinformation, but it seems like the photo strip for fan pages does not behave the same as it does for personal pages. Rather than displaying the most recent 5 photos in order of upload, it displays them in a random order. So, in the case of Hyperarts, we just happened to catch them on a lucky page refresh. But rather than being discouraged by this limitation, use it as inspiration to do something even more creative! Here are 35 great examples of branded Facebook page using the “random” 5 photos in a creative way.

Q. We have a fanpage, and often ask questions, but it leads to fights between fans. As an admin, what’s the best way to handle such a circumstance?

This is definitely not an easy question, but the best advice we can offer is to try to stay out of it, unless you feel like it is becoming malicious. Some people on the Internet will go to any length to get your attention, and once you react, they know how far they need to go to get it. If the fights are becoming nasty, perhaps write a general post to your community about conduct. If it becomes dangerous, you can block someone from your group and flag them for abuse.

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