The sexiest day at SXSW Interactive? Monday. | Blogads

The sexiest day at SXSW Interactive? Monday.

South by Southwest Interactive, the Woodstock for geeks, kicks off next week. As the geeks at Blogads HQ combed the schedule of events, some keyword trends in panel titles emerged.

Looking for tips for your startup? See you Saturday! Is your startup pursuing a video strategy? Saturday’s a big day for you as well. Good luck fitting all of those panels in!

Interestingly, Monday is not only the most popular day for sexy panels, it’s the buzz-word-iest day of the entire festival.

Ranking conspicuously low on the Blogads Buzz-O-Meter were Facebook and Twitter, with five and three panels, respectively, and the Internet darling Pinterest, whose name appears in only one panel.


We give the “Cliche Buster” award to the following panels, whose clever titles transcend the buzzwords within them:


The “Buzzword Three-peat” award, for using the same buzzword three times in one title goes to:

The “Rose-Colored Google Goggles” award goes to these panels, who optimistically see brands as something more than a buzzword:

And finally, the “Buzzword Threesome” award, for the three panels that need to get a room… with data…

See you in Austin!


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