makes buying online ads even easier — in three ways! | Blogads makes buying online ads even easier — in three ways!


For the last 10 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to make buying online ads as painless as possible for do-it-yourself advertisers. Today we announce three more updates to our DIY system that make buying and uploading your own ads even easier.

1. We now accept PNG images for ad creative! Previously, our system only accepted JPG and GIF images. Today we now accept PNG, which is the default image format for Apple screen grabs, and an increasingly popular format for web designers.

2. Maximum image size increased! Not every advertiser has her own design staff, let alone a professional photo-editing suite. Sometimes it’s hard to shrink an image’s size without compromising its quality. For these reasons and more, we’ve increased the maximum file size for each of our self-service ad choices. For instance, the standard Blogad unit can now be 40kb, up over 150% from the old limit of 15kb.

3. Blogads units are 10 pixels wider! Our standard, hi-rise and mini Blogad units now support images up to 160 pixels wide. Previously, the ads were limited to 150px. You can pack almost 7% more creative in every standard Blogad!

For a complete guide to all of our do-it-yourself advertising options, check out Blogads’ guide to effective blog advertising.

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