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Pounce on your muse now!

Gala Darling, Jessica Harlow and Angel Laws at Social Media Week NYC

Bloggers have an array of community-building tools and techniques at their disposal, but don’t forget that content is the backbone of a site’s longevity and success.

Bloggers Jessica Harlow (JessicaHarlow.com), Angel Laws (ConcreteLoop.com) and Gala Darling (GalaDarling.com) all lauded the importance of producing the content that you would want to see, yourself, during their appearance at Social Media Week’s “Creating Community Around Your Blog” event.

So when searching for your niche in the blogosphere, use yourself as your target audience. Ask yourself, “What do I want to read? What do I want to watch? What questions do I want answered?”

Hesitating or and over-analyzing every creative thought can be a hindrance to publishing the original and captivating features that will keep your audience coming back. Gala drove this point home by quoting the iconic Beat Generation poet, Allen Ginsberg:

“If the muse comes to your bedside, don’t tell her you’ll f&*$ her later!”

You can see a range of inspiration-channeled-into-content examples by checking out Jessica’s Adele Vogue cover make-up tutorial, Gala’s Thursday favorites and Angel’s coverage of A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin NYC.

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