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Advertise here: The anatomy of a great sales page

We’ve all seen links on our favorite blogs that say something like “buy ads here” or “advertise here,” but unless you’re an advertiser, you may not have clicked to find out where that link takes you. If a blogger really wants to make money blogging, she will have a landing page full of compelling information and options for advertisers. And that’s at the very least.

Today, we’ll learn how to make a kick-ass advertising page by looking at advertiser pages that already kick ass.

Some key takeaways from the pages above:

  1. The advertiser page matches your site. Sounds obvious, but make sure your own branding is on your “advertise here” page. Some ad services, such as, automatically provide this page, but it’s up to the blogger to dress it up.
  2. What’s your blog all about? The “about us” page has been a staple of the Internet for years. While it may feel old fashioned to tell what your blog is about, a short blurb for the advertiser in a hurry will help him decide if your blog his right for his campaign.
  3. Who reads you blog? Do you use a service like Quantcast? Do you conduct reader surveys? Any demographic information that you can provide an advertisers will let her know if your audience is the right group to target. And the more you know about your own readers, the better you can position your blog in front of the right advertisers.
  4. Include testimonials. Has anyone ever said anything nice about your blog? Reader testimonials on your “advertise here” page will showcase your audience’s passion. Advertiser testimonials will showcase your previous advertisers’ success.
  5. Placement examples. Believe it or not, Ad-Speak isn’t a required language for everyone who wants to buy or sell ads. Rather than just saying, “buy a banner!” or “check out the 250×300,” why not show what you’re selling with a mockup or placement guide?
  6. Spotlight past and present advertisers. Giving a shoutout isn’t just good practice for attracting new business, it’s also a great way to earn repeat customers.

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