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Historic Memphis studio rocks a blog by musicians

Memphis-based Ardent Recording Studios takes a unique approach to blogging. Instead of playing the role of pundit or tastemaker, Ardent Studios play themselves: an active studio in downtown Memphis, where the musicians are the stars. Featuring the Instagram Photography of editor Rachel Hurley, and original content from guest musicians, reading the Ardent Music Blog feels like spending an evening hanging out in the studio.

Instead of the typical interview posts and record reviews, Ardent readers are treated to these musician-created posts:

  • Nice Playlist, Brah: What songs do bands rock out to on the road? What are the favorite country hits of your favorite indie rocker? This feature includes playable Spotify links and song analysis by visiting artists.
  • My First Record: What were the records that inspired the record-makers? Or, sometimes, what was that weird or embarrassing record first purchase? Follow guest musicians down memory lane.
  • Pick Three: For this feature, bands and musicians are asked to pick their top three — anything.
Check out the Ardent Music Blog for more Memphis-style studio flavor.

photo via rachelandthecity


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