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The best ads ever — lately!

The blog, “Best Ads Ever,” hasn’t posted a new ad since October 2011. Does that mean the last ad they posted is truly the BEST EVER?

No! Here are the best ads ever — since October 2011 — according to the rest of the blogosphere.

1. Best Ad. Ever. EVER!!!!!!!! (Why Advertising Sucks)

2. Best. Technical College. Ad. Ever. (Brent Rose, Gizmodo)

3. Perhaps The Best Ad Ever (Rob Schwartz, Forbes)

4. War on Women: Best Ad Ever, Courtesy of (karoli, Crooks and Liars)

5. Dollar Shave Club: The Best Ad Ever? (The Hollywood Gossip)

6. Best Commercial Ever? Could be. (Waylon Lewis, elephant journal)

7. Friday Flick: Best Ad Ever? (Jeff Alworth, Beervana)

8. Best Boat Ad Ever (Kim LaCapria, The Inquisitr)

9. Best Ad EVER! “I Want To Be Addicted To Rollerskating, Not Crack!” (Greg Kretschmar, 100.3 WHEB)

10. Best Dog Commercial Ever: Volkswagen Bark Side – Super Bowl 2012 (Tails, Inc)

11. Is This the Best Craigslist Ad Ever? (Terri Pous, Time Newsfeed)

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