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TGIF – Links from the Blogads Network

It’s Friday! In celebration of this momentous occasion, especially if this will also be a long weekend for you thanks to Columbus Day, here are some completely unrelated but highly enjoyable posts floating around the Blogads network:

GalaDarling gives a round-up of some of her recent favorite Internet finds:

A round-up within a round-up. This is very inception-y.

Design Seeds offers up pretty design inspiration based on colorful yarn:

Almost inspires a person to learn how to knit. Almost.

Immaculate Infatuation’s weekly Friday Fives feature gets a revamped format from Anson Mount of Hell on Wheels:

Rather than Mount just giving a straightforward rundown his favorite restaurant recs, the man wrote a screenplay. Definitely worth a read.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Rich Kids of Instagram are still rich. Need proof? They’re still documenting it, too:

So very happy for them.

The brave WTF, Pinterest? blogger divulges a dark secret–her ’80s glamour shot:


photo by flickr user Bob B. Brown


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