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A Welcome Break from Politics – Links from the Blogads Network

There have been whispers floating around that there may or may not have been some sort of election thing going on this week.¬† To help you snap out of the political coverage coma you’re likely still recovering from, here’s some non-political¬† features¬†(remember those?) that you may have missed this week:

Regretsy showcases a typewriter that makes cocktails:

I feel like this is a contraption that Belle’s dad would have made in Beauty and the Beast. Crazy, old Maurice!

IMBOYCRAZY’s Alexi lists her top 75 reasons that keep her from wanting to die:

Thinking about the next thing I’m going to eat typically does it for me.

Tom and Lorenzo highlight the First Lady’s fashion:

I know that I said that there would only be political-free posts, but Michelle Obama’s fashion is always on point, objectively speaking, of course.

Turntable Kitchen features Sufjan Stevens’s version of “The Star-Spangled Banners:”

It’s like a patriotic sedative. Perfect timing, but also enjoyable any time of year.

Organic Authority lists laughter as a potential exercise:

I’m cancelling my gym membership immediately.


photo by flickr user Fraser Mummery

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