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Honey, I’m Blogging – Links from the Blogads Network

Between the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child, honey is really on trend right now.  Need further proof? Here’s a slew of honey-related posts from around the Blogads network:

Dogshaming showcases a shameful, honey-loving pup.

How could you be mad at a face like that?

Honey Pistachio makes Chocolate and Zucchini’s list of “Three Very Good Things:”

The other two aren’t half bad either.

Tom and Lorenzo highlight Evangeline Lilly’s new look:

Oh, honey…

The Pintester makes a Hot Toddy remedy for her sick day:

A whiskey, lemon and honey drink that explicitly DOES NOT make you feel worse is an endorsement I can get behind.

Turntable Kitchen shares a recipe for a Strawberry-Ginger Kefir Shake:

This is worth a look, even if just to find out what kefir is. Also, the only other ingredient unlisted in the recipe name is honey, in case you were wondering how this fits the week’s theme.


photo by flickr user BotheredByBees


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