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Clockwatchers – Links from the Blogads Network

Need help passing the time today? These blogs are to the rescue, so take your time and enjoy:

Portable highlights the top “5 Relatively Forgotten Hotties and the Relationships I Wish I Had with Them:”

All are nostalgically crushable. I <3 Xander 4eva.

IMBOYCRAZY imparts some chuckle-worthy knowledge in this installment of “The Blind Leading the Blind:”

#5 really speaks to me.

LadyGunn showcases Emeli Sande:

Cool site writing about a cool lady…stop sucking up all of the cool out of the room!

Into the Gloss assesses anti-aging in your 20s:

The little girl photographed for this article is not impressed with something, and I need more of her sass in my life.

#WhatShouldWeCallMe illustrates what it’s like “When I think I smell pizza:”

Foods that produce a similar result in the Blogads HQ: kettlecorn popcorn, beignets and biscotti.


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