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Going Maying – Links from the Blogads Network

Whether you’re taking advantage of the weather, studying for soul-crushing exams or working on spring-y crafts, these bloggers will keep you busy with plenty to do this May:

GalaDarling gives 20 ways to celebrate spring:

And defines my new favorite word, “maying,” in the process.

The Pintester tries her hand at a plastic spoon flower:

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be a festive, valiant effort.

WSWCM feels for all those who are in the middle of exam season:

But really, good luck!

Curbly provides 20 DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

I’ve never heard of a “bath bomb” before (#9). You have my attention.

Possessionista shows where to get Mindy Kaling’s sportswear:

Working on your fitness and style are not mutually exclusive.


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