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Sweltering Reads – Links from the Blogads Network

We get it, mid-July. You are one sweltering she-devil of a month. Luckily, there’s plenty of good reading to do from around the Blogads network, so hook yourself up to the closest A/C unit and enjoy:


Dlisted comments on today’s Emmy nominations:

But seriously, Lowe was robbed.

Tom and Lorenzo explains why “Orange is the New Black” is a must-see:

I almost wish Netflix released one episode per week, because with the whole season available at once, there’s just no way you can’t not binge-watch it. Facts are facts.

Betches Love This pens “A Love Letter to Summer:”

Definitely feeling the urge to hit the beach now.

WSWCM illustrates what will happen if “My Best Friend Is Thinking About Getting Together With Her Ex:”

True friendships come with loving death threats.

Possessionista highlights Pretty Little Liars’ latest fashion:

I may not be capable of following that show’s plot, but I love seeing what I could have/should have/would have worn in high school had my life been a teen murder-mystery show. I really dropped the ball there.


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