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Happy Hour – Links from the Blogads Network

Before you run to Happy Hour today, I want to make sure you’re fully loaded with cocktail conversation ammo. Let’s get to it:


Possessionista shares photos from her trip to Ethiopia:

Sounds like it’s definitely been a worth while trip.

Tom and Lorenzo bring attention to a major development in Jen Aniston’s wardrobe:

The woman didn’t wear black, people. Miracles can happen. But agreed, that’s not her dress.

Dlisted proves that old habits die hard:

The woman is back to wearing black, people. Sometimes, miracles don’t stick.

WhatShouldWeCallMe highlights the perils of being the third wheel:

Exchange that biscuit for a slice of pizza, and this is ripped from the pages of my life.

GalaDarling is having a Kate Spade moment:

I can get behind those Taxi-themed flats. Get into my life, please.


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