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Labor Day Links from the Blogads Network

These links from around the Blogads network have absolutely nothing to do with Labor Day. HOWEVER, since many people will be off work/school on Monday, we want to make sure you have plenty of good reading to get caught up on in your spare time, because we’re good humanitarians like that:


Betches Love This celebrate new additions to the dictionary:

Note how “Fetch” still hasn’t happened, Gretchen Wieners.

CuteOverload introduces Colonel Meow:

My mom has a similar cat named General Beauregard, making military titles for long-haired cats officially a thing.

Pinterest Fail documents an attempt in  frozen dinner roll pizzas:

I think we have different ideas of what failure is in this case. I would definitely eat those.

Rich Kids of Instagram are still being ridiculously rich:

If you don’t have cool Labor Day plans, just live vicariously through theirs. Dreaming can kind of be fun…who am I kidding.

MyFriendsAreMarried illustrates what it’s like “When My Married Friend Tells Me Guys Think I’m Mean:”

RBF is a serious condition suffered from millions of ladies out there, including yours truly. Stay strong, fellow RBFers.  


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