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Summer Friday – Links from the Blogads Network

Since Fall technically begins this Sunday, 9/22, it’s officially the last Summer Friday! Here are some great posts from around the Blogads Network to help kick off this final summer weekend, especially for those of you who don’t get off work for Summer Fridays (what is this sorcery?):


Immaculate Infatuation features “The Fat Jew” in this week’s Friday Fives:

I love that he recommends a place “Perfect For Picking Up A Jewish Girl With a Nice Face Who’s Chubby But Trying To Make Changes.”

Tom and Lorenzo highlight Jessica Biel’s suit choice:

Justin Timberlake really like matching his date. This is a proven fact.

Betches Love This rank “The Top 10 ‘Hottest’ Bros from Breaking Bad:”

Btw, only 2 eps left. Nbd…Jk- very big deal!

WSWCM shows how it is “When I’m Trying to Fit into my Jeans:”

Ah, yes, the perils of Fall.

Galadarling provides some tips on getting over jet lag:

I look forward to the day when this is a potential concern.



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