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Fitness Finds – Links from the Blogads Network

In light of the fact that the Blogads HQ is partaking in a gluttonous “Just Desserts” potluck today, I thought it would be a great cruel idea to highlight some of the inspiring fitness features from around the Blogads network:

What Should We Call Me illustrates the downside of working out with others:

No one likes a smug show-off, especially when you feel like a walrus.

Your Life After 25 lists the medical benefits of swimming:

When you feel weightless in the water, that means the workout’s done, right?

Fit Bottomed Girls’ Erin divulges her fitness confessions:

I feel validated in thinking that showers are kind of overrated now.

Healthkicker shares helpful info on fitting in exercise at the office:

A post-Blogads potluck must!

Betches Love This know the importance of expensive workout clothes:

If you can’t be athletic, at least you can dress like you are.

photo by flickr user Ulf Liljankoski


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