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Dr. Pepper outrages Facebookers with macho campaign

We have a SUXORZ in progress!

Dr. Pepper has just rolled out its newest Facbeook campaign, touting the Manliness of its new diet drink, Dr. Pepper 10.

One problem: It’s telling over half of its potential audience that the beverage isn’t for them. Former¬†Dr. Pepper fans are posting their outrage to Dr. Pepper’s wall, and so far, the soda company is not responding. Meanwhile, those who have posted their complaints are being berated and belittled by Dr. Pepper enthusiasts. Can this be good for the brand?

UPDATE 10/13 9AM EST – More evidence of post deleting.

UPDATE 10/11 4:30pm EST

Journalist Kate-Madonna Hindes asks which agency would allow female posters to be attacked. And then is attacked herself. Where are the page moderators?

UPDATE 10/11 2pm EST РNow Dr. Pepper is being accused of deleting comments. This post is no longer on the Dr. Pepper Facebook wall:

And neither is this one, apparently:

Some posts like these are still live, but without any replies from Dr. Pepper:

How will Dr. Pepper handle this Facebook backlash? We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe it will delete all of the negative comments, those that go against the 10 Man’Ments. Did we mention the Man’Ments? They’re the social media rules that Dr. Pepper has created to keep men from sounding like “Gossiping Schoolgirls” on Facebook.

We think the “da-da da-da da da” at the end of Coke Zero’s commercials are a slightly more subtle way of selling diet soda to men.

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