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#SUXORZ 2012: The worst social media screw-ups of the year

by Nick Faber
Friday, February 17th, 2012

Each year, when Blogads hosts #SUXORZ at Social Media Week NY, we think its the last. We naively believe that corporations, politicians and celebrities will finally learn how to do The Social Media right. Lucky for the mob of 150 social media fanatics that joined us at the Gershwin Hotel on Wednesday night, 2011 defied and our optimism and was full of spectacular social media screw-ups. (more…)

Dr. Pepper outrages Facebookers with macho campaign

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

We have a SUXORZ in progress!

Dr. Pepper has just rolled out its newest Facbeook campaign, touting the Manliness of its new diet drink, Dr. Pepper 10.

One problem: It’s telling over half of its potential audience that the beverage isn’t for them. Former Dr. Pepper fans are posting their outrage to Dr. Pepper’s wall, and so far, the soda company is not responding. Meanwhile, those who have posted their complaints are being berated and belittled by Dr. Pepper enthusiasts. Can this be good for the brand?

UPDATE 10/13 9AM EST – More evidence of post deleting.

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