The colorful carpet tiles of Blogads HQ | Blogads

The colorful carpet tiles of Blogads HQ

OH at Blogads HQ: "Whoa, looks like i'll be sitting on a patch of grass!"

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in Durham for a week an a half. Every day, our new office feels a little more like home. And what home would be complete without — carpet tiles!?

Team Blogads came to work today to find our bright and colorful office a litte more vibrant and funky. It’s the little touches like these that make for a fun and innovative workspace in the middle of an exciting and dynamic city like Durham.

This well-lit room is the future home of our large conference space.

Sitting by the Squeezebox is more inviting than ever.

The dark blue carpet offers a nice contrast to the bright white break room.

Even a former bank vault can feel cozy with the right carpeting!

Our smallest space, the "phone booth." Now with less echo!

An a big tip of the Durham Bulls cap to Donald Hughes for leading the creative charge of our interior design efforts!


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