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Do readers of liberal and conservative blogs live in two different countries?


Readers of conservative and liberal blogs appear to inhabit diametrically opposed realities, our recent survey of blog readers indicates.

Compared with conservative blog readers, readers of liberal blogs are 13 times more likely to be “very concerned” about climate change. Liberal blog readers are nearly 6 times more likely to rely on newspapers versus conservative blog readers. Liberal blog readers are also 1.9 times more optimistic about making a major purchase in today’s economy.

They also skew dramatically from readers of nonpolitical blogs.

The results come from a survey done in March and April on well known political blogs including Political Wire, Wonkette, Drudge Retort, Right Wing News, Althouse, News Hounds, Pandagon, Linkiest, Viral Footage, Informed Comment, The Agonist, Jack and Jill Politics, Yid With Lid, Burnt Orange Report, Chicago Boyz, NoisyRoom, The Steel Deal, MyDD and damnum absque injuria.

Many of these blogs are members of Liberal Blog Advertising Network (LBAN) and the Conservative Blog Advertising Network (CBAN).

Dig a little deeper, past the classic hot-button issues, and the two sides differ in other surprising ways. For example, readers of liberal blogs are 75% more likely to watch entire TV programs online than readers of conservative blogs.

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Update: lots of good discussion of the survey results in the comments sections of Althouse and ChicagoBoyz.


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