Sandy Not Slowing Down These Bloggers – Links from the Blogads Network | Blogads

Sandy Not Slowing Down These Bloggers – Links from the Blogads Network

Post Sandy Sky

Hurricane Sandy has seriously affected so many people, homes and businesses this week, and that severity is not lost on us. This week, we’re shining a light on some of the storm-related posts–some with more (and arguably needed) levity than others. Between food contests, tongue-in-cheek survival guides and well-deserved doses of comic relief, there was no shortage of Hurricane Sandy coverage across the Blogads network this week:

Immaculate Infatuation wants you to enter your creative and delicious rations in their #SandySnacks Instagram contest:

Judging from some of the incredible pics, there’s no excuse for the rest of us to settle for microwaved ramen noodles tonight.

Gala Darling offers up 100 ideas to keep boredom at bay when you’re stuck inside:

I need to find out what a Monster High doll is.

Gala also provided a more serious and personal recap of what was going on in NYC after the storm:

Bill Cunningham is THE BEST.

Betches Love This have their very own Hurricane Sandy survivor guide:

It’s good to be prepared…in the betchiest way possible.

When #WhatShouldWeCallMe heard that all of their friends and family survived Sandy:

Hope everyone in the Northeast and/or with friends and family up there is doing well and able to get back to normal soon!!


photo by flickr user max_wei


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