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Primetime Recaps! – Links from the Blogads Network

This may be the time many of us are experiencing post-holiday blues, but there’s a silver lining: your favorite shows are finally airing new episodes! In celebration of the long awaited return of your must-see shows, we’re spotlighting some key recaps from around the Blogads network:

Tom and Lorenzo take a break from their fashion highlights to reflect on the latest episode of ABC’s Revenge:

Special addition to this recap: Declan is the worst.

Possisstonista fills Fox’s New Girl fans in on where to get the clothes featured this week:

One of the sweaters is even on sale. we’re talkin’.

Betches Loves This is back in action with “The Best Bachelor Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 1:”

Don’t feel bad about laughing; just remember that these people volunteered to do this.

This #WHATSHOULDWECALLME gif is inspired by Sunday’s episode of Happy Endings:

Max and I would definitely be best friends in real life.

IMBOYCRAZY’s Alexi’s latest “Boycrazy Radio” episode is available to provide insights on your love and life issues:

Call in on Wednesday nights to make the live show!


photo by flickr user espensorvik


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