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Puzzling Posts – Links from the Blogads Network

There were quite a few interesting posts this week published around the Blogads network that left me with more questions than answers. See if they are as perplexing for you:

DogShaming introduces Honeydog and her affinity for eggshells:

What are 30 lbs. of eggshells doing in this person’s car to begin with?

Necole Bitchie announces the return of Kris Kross and Xscape performing in Atlanta next month:

What are the real names of the Kris Kross duo? Have they been living their lives as Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac for the past 20 years? Why is one of them wearing sunglasses inside? Why are their clothes on the right way?

Lamebook issues a Creep Alert:

Has this tactic worked for Todd in the past? How did he see this playing out? Why did Isadora respond to an acquaintance Facebooking her at 3:00 a.m.?

Regretsy shares an exceptionally gross Craigslist post:

Why would someone freeze nail clippings? Do nails go bad if left unchilled? What was this guy’s intention when he first started saving his nail clippings? What does he expect someone to do with them? How hard is it to spell “weird” correctly?

CuteOverload highlights some of the best reader-submitted pictures of pets with computers:

How does one get pet hair out of a keyboard? Why are kittens getting warm next to a laptop the absolute cutest (last pic)? How could you own a hedgehog and not name it Sonic?


photo by flickr user brad montgomery


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