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SLC Love – Links from around the Alt Design Summit

Last week, I visited Salt Lake City to check out the 4th annual Alt Design Summit. Other than being incredibly impressed by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that was so evident in the quality of all of the Summit’s events, the attendees really stole the show is terms of personality and personal style. So this week, I’m highlighting just some of the amazing women I met there:

Goodheart’s Danica highlights her experience at this year’s ALT SLC:

Wow- who are those three ladies dressed like Mrs. Peacock at the Clue-themed party? They seem pretty cool.

Squirrelly Minds’ Tanya shows off her adorable business cards:

Business cards at the Alt Design Summit were their own art form. The squirrel-shaped paper clips attached to Tanya’s cards raised the bar.

The Glamorous Housewife’s Bethany features her glam outfits for the Alt Design Summit:

If you didn’t notice Bethany at the Alt Design Summit, you must not have been there.

The Vintage Mixer’s Becky shares an Alt-inspired parfait recipe:

If you ever go on a food tour of SLC, you want this girl leading the way.

Although a bit under the weather, DahliaLynn’s Jessica managed to take some great pics at the event:

She has an amazing sense of style and creates enviable jewelry, too.  How rude.


photo by me :)


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