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Beyonce Bowl 2013- Links from the Blogads Network

In honor of Beyonce’s killer showing of hardwork and excellence at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, let’s go ahead and celebrate her in addition to some other fierce ladies around the Blogads network:

First, The White Sade reminds us why we’re meant to be the fourth member of Destiny’s Child:

I make funny faces with friends, too! Wow, celebrities are just like us.

Tom and Lorenzo grace Quvenzhané Wallis with their latest WERQ:

I’d like to know where I can get a puppy purse like that.

IMBOYCRAZY always gives the most entertaining “blind leading the blind” advice:

I appreciate the confirmation that sleeping with your makeup still on is the mark of an exciting life rather than just being lazy.

Apocalypstick unleashes “the battle cry of the female blogger:”

Hypothetical winky faces are the worst.

Raise your blood orange mimosas, and cheers to all of the above with thanks to The Forest Feast’s recipe:

It’s always the right time for mimosas. Brunch be damned.


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