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Compare and Contrast – Links from the Blogads Network

It’s wonderfully entertaining to have so many different points of view within the Blogads network, even though they can be covering similar topics.  Here’s a slew of recent topics recently talked about from different perspectives thanks to some of our awesome bloggers!

First up: Healthy Advice

Fit Bottomed Girls highlights five “healthy” mistakes guys are making:

I’m not afraid to order a salad; I just never want one. But this list is for guys, so that makes it ok.


In contrast to that advice, here’s WSWCM’s outlook on curing a bad day:

I fully support WSWCM writing a self-help book.


Second round: Misbehaving animals

CuteOverload share pics of stalker cats:

You know you’re a cat lady when these pictures look adorable rather than creepy. Guilty.


Dog Shaming shows off equally criminal pups:

Jetta- no body, no murder. Clean up the evidence next time!


Last, but not least: Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale

Betches Love This recap the finale with their signature snark:

These recaps are the only way I’m able to keep up with what’s happening in the show. How do the tweens do it?


Possessionista recaps the episode’s style:

These high schoolers’ wardrobes are insane. Yikes. Wait, they’re not real. Phew!


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