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Eyewear innovation: Warby Parker’s fashionable approach to spectacles marketing

by Nick Faber
Monday, October 17th, 2011

Ever wondered what you’d look like in a monocle? The innovative eyewear boutique Warby Parker let’s you find out from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you have a webcam.

For those of us who are too busy for free both-way shipping, Warby Parker developed the Virtual Try-On tool. Find a frame you like, pose for a webcam shot (or upload a pic), et voila!

Warby Parker isn’t the only online glasses shop offering virtual try-ons, but we think they’re doing it best. The glasses match the angle of your mug shot just right, and even adds a faux glare to the lenses.

Oh, and it’s also a great marketing tool. Users can easily share their stylish new looks to Facebook and ask their friends for feedback. And hey, those are some pretty damn stylish frames they’ve got, so who wouldn’t want to share them? And who wouldn’t want to turn around and try a pair themselves?

As for the monocle? No one really wants to wear a monocle, do they? But everyone wants to know what they’d look like in one. Brilliant.

For more innovative marketing goodness, check out our coverage of the award-winning virtual poverty game, SPENT.

“Oregon Trail of poverty games” wins big for Durham agency

by Nick Faber
Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Durham, NC advertising agency McKinney won Best in Show for Web Site Excellence at Monday night’s OMMA Awards for SPENT, the online game that simulates life below the poverty level. The game, which has been called the “Oregon Trail of poverty games,” was created for local group Urban Ministries of Durham, and its universal premise has gained it a lot of recognition.

SPENT creator Jenny Nicholson has also created a petition to Congress, through which you can ask you local representatives to play the game.

Huge congratulations to Jenny and her team. We look forward to having such innovative neighbors.

The Disney approach to innovation

by Nick Faber
Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Disney Park’s Approach to Creativity and Innovation  

Gert Garman, Global Creative Develpment Director for Disney, started her effervescent talk at a recent Triangle AMA luncheon with a story of innovation on the fly. On the day that Disneyland was set to open, Walt Disney himself noticed a patch of weeds amongst the flower beds that lined the entrance to the park. With little time to act, he asked the groundskeepers to put together signs with fancy-sounding latin names and plant them in front of the weeds, as if they were supposed to be there.
This sort of “Yes, and” spirit prevails at Disney today, and Garman shared some fantastic tips for innovating the Disney way. This is her presentation deck.

Blogads review – new features in the first half of 2011

by Nick Faber
Monday, June 6th, 2011

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is almost halfway over. Blogads’ designers and developers have been super-busy, rolling out new features to help advertisers connect with influential blog readers. Here are some highlights from the last six months.

Tweetable Ads

We added tweetability to our ads in January. With the click of a button, advertisers can add a “tweet this” button that automatically suggests a twitter update, complete with URL and hashtag. This feature is already one of our most popular, and you can see how successful it’s been for two of our advertisers: PETA and Simon & Schuster. Even President Obama used it to kick off his 2012 campaign!


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