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25 Google Plus ‘humble brag’ tweets

by Nick Faber
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Did you get invited to use Google’s new social network tool, Google+? Not many people have, but those did have taken to Twitter to let us know it.

These lucky beta testers are also the first who remind us what a burden it is to be one of the chosen few.


Featured Blogger: Levi Asher of Literary Kicks

by Paige Wilcox
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Literary Kicks, also known as LitKicks, is still kicking after almost 17 years with founder Levi Asher continuing to provide readers with relevant perspectives and opinions on modern literature. The site has maintained its position as a highly credible resource for quality literary content. In addition to commentary on specific works and broad industry trends, the site provides author interviews and  a poetry forum called Action Poetry.

Q: How did you decide on the name “Literary Kicks,” and do you ever wish you had chosen a different name?

A: Funny you should ask, because I distinctly remember the moment.  I was in a supermarket, walking down the aisle, and suddenly I thought to myself “Literary Kicks”.  At that moment, I knew I needed to create a Web site with that name.  Today, I don’t always love the site, but I always love the name.

Q: What do you think makes Literary Kicks unique amongst other book blogs?

A: Well, besides being certifiably the oldest well-known literary Web site on the Internet (founded in 1994), I think it has a quirkier and more personal voice than many of the others.  I range pretty freely into territories like philosophy, politics, art and psychology, and I try to represent counter-cultural or alternative points-of-view about life as often as I can.  I also think I focus more on literature of the past — the classics, the forgotten should-be classics — than many other literary bloggers do. (more…)

What the Zombie Apocalypse can teach us about making killer ads

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Yesterday, AdFreak posted the 15 greatest commercials of the last year, as chosen by the Film Lions jury and the Film Craft Lions jury at Cannes. The first video that caught my attention was the “Dead Island” trailer by Axis Animation.

The 3 minutes of video that followed were creepy, provocative, and full of lessons for advertisers targeting blog readers. (more…)

Featured Blogger: Andrea Strong of The Strong Buzz

by Paige Wilcox
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Andrea Strong is a prime example of how a person can drastically alter his or her path at any time. Strong went from building an unfulfilling career as a corporate lawyer to following her passion as a food writer.  Her redirection is our gain with all of the great industry food buzz she shares on her blog, The Strong Buzz.  It features the latest updates on newsworthy restaurants, chefs, events and food ideas.

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

A: I started blogging in November of 2003. I was tired of sending clips to editors I was pitching and started my website, The Strong Buzz, as a way of collecting my clips and drawing attention to my work as a freelance food writer. I began writing my “blog” posts (the term was then in its infancy) and sending out a weekly newsletter when no one else was really doing this, and the Strong Buzz caught on quite quickly as a site with valuable and cutting-edge information since at the time most newspapers and magazines did not have websites or blogs themselves, so I was scooping major print publications and in that way really gaining a huge following.

Q: How do you think your blog stands out amongst blogs of the same genre?

A: The Strong Buzz has a very distinct voice, mostly my own, that is familiar and friendly and also one of many years of experience as a food writer and as someone who has worked in the business. There is a relationship that was built very early on between my readers and myself, one I think, of trust and friendship. I think readers look to me for reliable news and reviews and came to really enjoy the Strong Buzz because of its fun and familiar tone and high quality of information. (more…)

Twitter diplomacy from opposing conferences in Minneapolis #nn11 #ro11

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Last weekend, Minneapolis hosted dueling conferences for online political activists. Netroots Nation, the progressive conference, was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, while RightOnline, its conservative counterpart was just a couple blocks away at the Hilton. While the short distance was enough to keep the orange lanyards separated from the green, a quick twitter search of the conferences’ hashtags (#nn11 & #ro11) shows that some partygoers were as interested in each other’s conference as their own.

Unfortunately, much of the Tweetage is negative – from both sides. There are tweets about crashing and disrupting each other’s conferences, about whose speakers were better, who had smarter attendees, which conference was better attended….

But if you sift through the combative and the contentious, you’ll find some peacemakers in the stream, tweeting across the aisles, seeking common ground in Minneapolis, including one from an unlikely source.

From airport on way home, very much enjoying reading #NN11 and #RO11 threads. Meanwhile watching POTUS & Boehner golf together on TV.
Sally Kohn
Anyone else concerned the lame "glitter toss" at Bachmann at #ro11 will ignite revenge at #nn11? Lets keep things professional ppl #nn11lgbt
Scott Zumwalt
Seems there's more bipartisanship at #MSP than in DC or St. Paul. Maybe pols could learn from new media peeps. #RO11 #nn11 #tcot
Bridget Sutton


Earthy exhibitors stand out in Netroots Nation hall

by Nick Faber
Thursday, June 16th, 2011

If the exhibition hall at SXSW was all about spectacle, the exhibitors in Netroots Nation are here to talk about substance. Here are two of the most substantive booths I found on the first day of Netroots Nation 2011. And their substance? The Earth.

Coal River Mountain Watch
CRMW is a grassroots organization based in southern West Virginia as an opponent to mountaintop removal. The Welch family, kids pictured here, talk about the cause with passion and eloquence, and have plenty of visual aids to support their organization, including coal-shaped soap. Tomorrow, the film “The Last Mountain,” which examines the battle over Coal River Mountain, will be screened at NN.

Yards to Gardens
Founded in Minneapolis, Yards to Gardens connects gardeners looking for space with people with extra gardening room in their yards. As you can see in their Google map overlay, the program has really taken off in Minneapolis, and is now spreading to San Francisco and New York. At the booth, the greenest in the whole hall, you can make your own seed bombs, pictured above.

Featured Bloggers: Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal of Immaculate Infatuation

by Paige Wilcox
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

With so many tempting restaurants flooding the streets of New York City, it’s hard to know the best places to spend your time and money. Wouldn’t it be great to have a couple of local friends providing reliable recommendations? Well, make Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal your new best friends.  In addition to working in the music industry, Stang and Steinthal take the guessing game out of New York dining on Immaculate Infatuation. These two can break down the best places for you based on your event type, neighborhood, cuisine and venue. They also highlight five notable culinary personalities each Friday with their Friday Fives feature.  Make sure to check out their siteFacebook, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter to prep you for your next New York food excursion.


Immaculate Infatuation bloggers Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal

Q: What was the catalyst that pushed you two to start blogging?

A: The nature of the music business means we’re out all the time seeing shows, and that also means a lot of dinners beforehand.  After a while, you become the one in your circle who knows where to eat, and suddenly you’re fielding phone calls every time one of your friends wants to impress a date. We also noticed that a lot of our friends and peers who love to eat out didn’t have a go-to resource for information on restaurants in New York. So we started one.

Q: How do you think your site stands out amongst other food blogs?

A: It’s entertaining, yet at the same time very useful. There aren’t many other places that you can go and find a restaurant in your neighborhood that’s “Perfect For: Day Drinking.” It’s also about consistency. We review 3-4 restaurants a week, and have a celebrity Friday Fives feature each Friday. Our readers know what to expect and check back daily.

Q: What do your family and friends think of your site?

A: They love it and are our biggest champions. The site is as much a representation of our friends and family as it is us. We even created a video series around Steinthal’s Grandma talking restaurants. (more…)

Tumblr advertising awesomeness

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

via theawesomeworld.tumblr.com

While many great advertising conversations are happening on Twitter, there are a bunch of awesome advertising Tumblr blogs that provide creative inspiration, opinion, and industry humor.  Here are 11 great advertising Tumblrs we’ve come across:

The Awesome World of Advertising
An illustrated romp through an ad office starring a patient creative who grins and bears the most unbearable clients and colleagues.

Ad Takeover
The curators and readers of Ad Takeover round up “Today’s Takeovers From Around the Web.” A great place to show of your work, and to get ideas for your next killer takeover.

Curiosity Counts
Brain picker Maria Popova curates interesting and inspiring data (infographics!), videos and quotes for TBWA, spanning across “creative culture and media arts.”

Jeremy D Williams of DDB is a self-described ‘DJ’ of innovation. On his highly visual tumblr blog, he spins data, design, and inspiration.

StrawberryFrog’s blog
“Your friendly neighborhood global advertising agency” uses this tumblr as its corporate blog. In addition to the occasional tumblr-style reblog or short post, you’ll find lots of thoughtful long-form blog posts here, in English and French!

Jay Mug
Print is still alive (for now)! Trendspotter Jay Mug pulls together great-looking ads from print and beyond into this clean and simple blog.

Hello You Creatives
HYC regularly posts inspirational content for copywriters and other creative professionals. In addition to the blog, they also run a network of similar sites that support emerging creative talent.

Think in Bright Colors
Elyse Gibson is a cheerful copywriter in Minneapolis who shares a nice mix of inspirational posts and personal dispatches from the life of a soon-to-be newlywed.

The Adventures of Ad Girl
Ad girl consistently posts great creative, information and opinion from the world of Advertising. She regularly responds to “Ask Me Anything” questions, creating a nice community around her site.

Things People Don’t Say About Advertising
It hasn’t been updated in a few months, but you can still look through the archives in this hilarious reality checker for ad types.

Hovering Art Directors
Another (defunct?) short-lived but hilarious industry-specific blog that asks every art director, “Is this you?” This one comes fromBBH/NY‘s  Jacqueline Law.

Do you have a favorite Tumblr advertising blog you like to follow? Let us know who else should be on this list.

Local startups thriving underground

by Nick Faber
Friday, June 10th, 2011

Durham, NC is a short drive from our office. In this region known as the Triangle, Durham and Chapel Hill/Carrboro are the two closest points in distance and often in culture. The same entrepreneurial fertility that brought Blogads to Carrboro six years ago has now spread to Durham in a big way.

Workspace is bountiful and cheap in downtown “Bull City.” Brick warehouses from the city’s tobacco days have been converted to modern lofts and offices, and in the case of the American Underground, a windowless bunker of technological innovation.


Nicole Bally Facebook friends as of June 8 2011

by Henry Copeland
Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

As I reported earlier, I’ve seen at least 100 influential tech, media and politics folks — men and some women — accept Facebook friend requests from attractive women they don’t know. For as long as three years, these supposedly savvy folks have been having personal conversations and sharing photos online in front of strangers that few (if any) of them know personally.

Below are the names of people who fell for a possible Facebook bimbot, an attractive profile titled “Nicole Bally,” as of June 8, 2011. For more of the story behind these names and their odd relationship with the attractive Facebook profile of Nicole Bally, read this post.

Abbey Muneer, Achim J. Muellers, Adam Dell, Adam Hertz, Adam Hirsch, Adam M Glickman, Adriana Gascoigne, Alan Brody, Alan Light, Aletha King, Alex Argrow, Alex Coisman, Alex Goldberg, Alex Williams, Alexys Fairfield, Ali Rahimi, Alison Gelb Pincus, Allen Morgan, Alyssa Roenigk, Amanda Congdon, Andi Jompole, Andreas Scherer, Andrea Weckerle, Andrew Anker, Andrew E. Vogel, Andrew Heyward, Andrew Rasiej, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Andy Cohen, Andy Karsner, Angela Penny, Anil Dash, Anita Angelica Moore, Anne Kreamer, Anton Krueger, Ariane De Bonvoisin, Arianna Huffington, Arthur Bushkin, Asa Mathat, Auren Hoffman, Aydin Senkut, B. Kim Taylor, Barak Berkowitz, Barney Pell, Beatrice Tarka, Benjamin Turpin, Ben Mendelson, Bennet Kelley, Berda Estelle, Bernard Moon, Beth Lenahan, Betsy Morgan, Bill Bartmann, Bill Campbell, Bill Crandall, Bill Tai, Blaise Zerega, Bob Kerrey, Bob Mankoff, Brad Balfour, Brad Burnham, Bradley Horowitz, Brad Stone, Brad Turner, Brenda Hervold, Brian Lehrer, Bruce Handy, Bruce Judson, Bryan Eisenberg, Bryan Gruley, Burton Lee, Busie Matsiko-Andan, Byron Deeter, Cable Neuhaus, Camille Paglia, Carl Haacke, Carl Kasell, Carolina Abenante, Caroline Little, Carrie Seifer, Cathy Brooks, Cecilia Pagkalinawan, Chad Hurley, Charlene H Li, Charlie Fink, Chaya Cooper, Chip Austin, Chloé Jo Davis, Chris Abraham, Chris Ahearn, Chris Alden, Chris Anderson, Chris Cillizza, Chris Fleury, Chris Meyer, Chris Mohney, Chris Sacca, Chris Shipley, Christina Pappa, Christine Kerner, Christine Lanois, Christine Son, Christine Taylor, Christine Taylor-rymer, Christopher Mims, Cindy Clarfield Hess, Cindy Leonard Stumpo, Clay NoOneight Shirky, Cliff Schecter, Connie Connors, Courtney Nichols, Courtney Pulitzer, Craig Bromberg, Craig Newmark, Craig Unger, Cris Popenoe, Curtis Sliwa, Curt Viebranz, Cyan Banister, Cyndee Blank, D.h. Fitzgerald, Dana Milbank, Dan Farber, Daniel Jochnowitz, Dan Lyons, Danny Schechter, Dan Rosenbaum, Darlene Abrantes, Darren Lee, Dave Morgan, Dave Winer, David A. Gang, David Adler, David Berlind, David Bradford, David Brock, David Carr, David Eun, David Fenton, David Halperin, David Hornik, David Mathison, David S. Kidder, David Sifry, David Sirota, David Wade, David Yett, Dawn Abraham, Dawn Alison, Dean Gardner, Dean Higginbotham, Debbie Millman, Deb Hawkins, Deborah Berebichez, Deepika Bajaj, Delphene Balan, Demetra Adams, Demi Pietchell, Derya Unutmaz, Diana Furka, Dick Costolo, Dickson Despommier, Dina Kaplan, Dion Hinchcliffe, Don Clark, Don Dodge, Don Graham, Doree Shafrir, Dory Bergman, Douglas Anthony Cooper, Douglas Rushkoff, Doug Monahan, Duchess Demara, Duncan Black, E. Jean Carroll, Ed Mercer, Edmond Sanctis, Ed Rigsbee, Edward Baig, Eli Pariser, Elisabeth Jansen, Elissa Middleton, Elizabeth Benjamin, Elizabeth Spiers, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Ellen Freudenheim, Ellen McGirt, Elliot Ratzman, Emilie Lucie B, Emily Gould, Eric Boehlert, Eric K. Noji, Eric Pilkington, Eric Savitz, Eric Yaverbaum, Erik Freiser, Eugene Robinson, Eve Phillips, Fiona Aboud Singer, Fred Davis, Fred Tabsharani, Fred Teng, Gamal Abdo, Gene DeRose, Gene Smith, Geoff Yang, Geo Geller, George Arzt, George Garrick, Georges Harik, George T. Haber, Geraldine Hessler, Gillian Pritchett, Gordon Gould, Greg Clayman, Gretel Going, Harry Knowles, Haurech Elizabeth, Heather Erickson Bozzone, Heather Harde, Heidi Bond, Heidi Roizen, Heidi Skupien Bretz, Henry Blodget, Henry Copeland, Hiawatha Bray, Hilary Harris, Hilary Rosen, Howard Kurtz, Howard L. Rosenberg, Howard L Morgan, Howard Rheingold, Hugh MacLeod, Imran Khan, Inna Beynishes, Ira Silberstein, J.D. Rhoades, Jack Hidary, Jack Myers, Jaime Mintun, Jake Dobkin, James Altucher, James Braly, James D. Robinson, James Fallows, James Hirsen, James Im, James Ledbetter, Jamie Chang, Jamie Daves, Jamie Klingler, Jana Barbir, Jan Bohrer, Jane Metcalfe, Jane Pontarelli, Janet Scardino, Jason Goldberg, Jason McCabe Calacanis, Jason Pontin, Jason Rosenberg, Javed Alam, Jayne Charneski, Jayne Freeman, JD Howard, Jean-Philippe LaMarche, Jeanie Barat, Jed Alpert, Jeff Burak, Jeff Dachis, Jeff Housenbold, Jeff Howe, Jeff Keni Pulver, Jeff Nordhaus, Jeffrey Eisenberg, Jeffrey F. Rayport, Jeffrey Toobin, Jen Bekman, Jeni Briscoe, Jenn Allen, Jenny Bapst, Jenny Broomfield, Jerome Copulsky, Jerry A ‘Koch, Jerry Colonna, Jerry Michalski, Jesse Johnson, Jessica Ewing, Jessica Helfand, Jessica Pressler, Jill Koenig, Jim Bankoff, Jim Brady, Jim Breyer, Jim Cramer, Jim Daly, Jim Gillette, Jim Long, Jimmy Wales, Jim Peake, Jim Spanfeller, Joanna Shields, Joe Barello, Joe Conason, Joe Dolce, Joe Greenstein, Joe Trippi, John Battelle, John Borthwick, John Briggs, John Cassidy, John Dickerson, John F. McMullen, John Furrier, John Hagel, John Hockenberry, John Koten, John Matthews, John Perry Barlow, John Quigley, John Rourke, John Semel, John StockCoach McLaughlin, John Yarbrough, Joichi Ito, Jonathan Medved, Jonathan Tasini, Jonathan Zittrain, Jon Fine, Jon Staenberg, Joseph K Grieboski, Josh Abramson, Josh Grotstein, Josh Harlan, Josh Quittner, Joshua Chen, Joshua Cohen, Joshua Mohr, Joshua Rosen, Joshua S. Freeman, Joshua Schreff, Joshua W., Judith Meskill, Julia Cohen, Julie Alexandria, Julie Silard Kantor, Juliette Powell, Justin Fox, Karl Beaumont, Kate Nelson, Kathy Johnson, Katie Portillo Belding, Keith Teare, Kelly McBride, Ken Goldberg, Kenny Miller, Ken Rutkowski, Kevin Maney, Kevin Reifler, Kevin Ryan, Kevin Ryan, Kevin Slavin, Kim Barsi, Kim Greenhouse, Kim Polese, Kirsten Osolind, Kirsten Powers, Krista Thomas, Kurt Abrahamson, Kurt Andersen, Lane Brown, Larry Gerbrandt, Larry Kramer, Larry Magid, Larry Michel, Larry Walsh, Laura Dawn, Laura Rubinstein, Laura Sobel Levitan, Laurel Touby, Lawrence Wilkinson, Lee E Miller, Leonard Brody, Levi Asher, Lily Holyfield, Linda Black, Linda Franklin, Lindsay Beyerstein, Lisa Burton Perlman, Lisa Gansky, Lisa Kennedy, Lisa Todorovich Porter, Liselotte Germer, Liza Sabater, Lloyd Grove, Lockhart Steele, Loic Le Meur, Loren D’Allessandro, Louise Harpman, Lucia Stoller, Lynn Moloney, Lyzabeth Lopez, Maer Roshan, Marc Benioff, Marc Canter, Marc Davis, Marc Rotenberg, Maria Parkinson, Mark Alpert, Mark Ein, Mark Frieser, Mark Glaser, Mark Golin, Mark Jacobstein, Mark McCormack, Mark Menell, Markos Moulitsas, Mark Simone, Mark Walsh, Mark Wayman, Mark Zawacki, Martin Allsop, Martin Nisenholtz, Martin Varsavsky, Maryann Hegel, Mary Ann Kaczor, Mary Hodder, Mary Jeanne Cavanagh, Matt Anderson, Matt Edelman, Matt Fok, Matthew Cooper, Matthew Cowan, Matthew David Colebourne, Matthew Fraser, Matthew W. Caldecutt, Matt Stoller, Maxine Hopkinson Terpin, Maya Angelou, Megan Smith, Meg Rider, Melaina Brown, Melissa Lafsky, Melissa Roth, Meredith Anthony, Meredith Applebaum Coburn, Micah Sifry, Michael Arrington, Michael Cogdill, Michael Feldman, Michael Gross, Michael Grossman, Michael Hirschorn, Michael Jones, Michael Marquez, Michael Moe, Michael Nyman, Michael Parekh, Michael T. Rose, Michael Terpin, Michael Wolff, Michael Yang, Mich Ahern, Michele Connolly, Michelle Gagnon, Michelle Slatalla, Mike Boich, Mike Cronin, Mike Gehrke, Mike Hudack, Mike Maples, Mike Morgan, Mike Peters, Mike Sigal, Mitchell Kertzman, Mitch Featherston, Mitzi Szereto, Mo Koyfman, Molly Steenson, Monique Fabian, Murray Waas, Nadia Lessani, Nadyne G. Edison, Nancy Albertini, Nancy Cerbus, Nancy Reynolds Bagley, Nancy Slotnick, Naomee Hardy, Natalia Allen, Naval Ravikant, Net Jacobsson, Nick Bilton, Nick Wingfield, Nick Young, Nicole Ball, Nicole Marie Ball, Nico Pitney, Nigel Allen, Nikola Tamindzic, Noah Gellman, Noryne Taylor, Nouriel Roubini, Omar Wasow, Pamela Leavey, Pamela Stanley, Pascal Levensohn, Pat Fili, Patrick Ruffini, Patrick Tracey, Paula Hunnicutt, Paul Bitetto, Paul Borgese, Paul Buchheit, Paul Rieckhoff, Peggy Fokkema, Peggy Sigford, Perry van der Meer, Pete Cashmore, Peter Daou, Peter Elstrom, Peter Hirshberg, Peter Krainik, Peter Shankman, Peter Steinberg, Philippe Collin, Philip Rosedale, Phil Lam, Phil Rosenthal, Rachel Glickman, Rachel Greenwald, Rachel Sterne, Raj Das, Rebecca Mattila, Reese Jones, Renee Blodgett, Richard A. Moran, Richard Blakeley, Richard Jason Paris, Richard L Brandt, Rich Karlgaard, Rick DeGolia, Ricki Seidman, Rick Newman, Right Is Wrong, Rob Barnett, Rob Cipriano, Rob Enderle, Robert Alvarez, Roberta Thompson, Robert De Souza, Robert Goldberg, Robert Hertzberg, Robert Lasner, Rob Glaser, Robin Hardy, Rob Theis, Rod Beckstrom, Rodger Desai, Rohit Aggarwal, Rohit Bhargava, Ron Klain, Rory O’Connor, Rosie Anderberg, Ross Levinsohn, Ross Mayfield, Ryan J. Davis, Saar Gur, Sab Kanaujia, Salim Ismail, Samera Abed, Samir Arora, Sandy Berger, Sandy Climan, Sanford M Dickert, Sania Ali, Sanjeev Singh, Sanna Backman, Sara Benincasa, Sarah Austin, Sarah Lacy, Sarah Ross, Sarah Stabile, Sartoris Literary, Scott Donaton, Scott McMullan, Scott Osman, Scott Rafer, Sean Onderick, Sean Parker, Seth Colter Walls, Seth Godin, Sharon Bruneau, Shawn Fanning, Shawn Gold, Shelby Bonnie, Shelly Palmer, Sheridan Prasso, Sheri Lee McIntyre, Sherri Rifkin, Shervin Pishevar, Sonia Arrison, Spencer Parikh, Spencer Striker, Stanislav Shalunov, Stefan Kanfer, Stellah De Ville, Stephanie Agresta, Stephanie Fierman, Stephanie Rosenbloom, Stephen Boyd, Stephen LeBow, Stephen Meade, Steve Case, Steve Chen, Steve Fowler, Steve Gillmor, Steve Hamm, Steve Harmon, Steve Jackson, Steve Jurvetson, Steve Lewis, Steve Newcomb, Steve Newhouse, Steven Scully, Steve Rosenbaum, Steve Ross, Steve Schwaid, Steve Skulnik, Steve Tatham, Stewart Alsop, Stowe Boyd, Strauss Zelnick, Stuart Elliott, Stuart Gannes, Sunil Paul, Susan Campos, Susan Mernit, Susan Pizzazz Bratton, Susan Schanerman, Susan Shapiro, Tamaey Gottuso, Tamar Geller, Tam Vo, Tara Hunt, Tara Mccluskey, Tara Scotti, Tariq Krim, Tatiana Platt, Ted Bauer, Ted Cohen, Ted DeCorte, Ted Leonsis, Teymour Boutros-Ghali, Thomas Plunkett, Tiffany Shlain, Tim Connors, Tim Draper, Tim Karr, Tim Koogle, Tim Leberecht, Tim Sykes, Tina Chandler, Toby Coppel, Todd Chaffee, Todd Looney, Todd Verow, Todd Zangrillo, Tom Dupree, Tom Glocer, Tony Dunaif, Tony Perkins, Tracie Egan Morrissey, Tracy Quan, Tracy Swedlow, Travis Alber, Trina Albus, Tyler Hofinga, Valorie Luther, Vassil Mladjov, Vicki Cohen, Victor Harwood, Vikas Sapra, Vint Cerf, Vivian Akinyi Achieng, Viviane Banks, Waffa Munayyer, Warren Lazarow, Wendi Klein Blum, Wes Clark, Whitney Vosburgh, William Drenttel, William J. Orr, William Loiry, William Raduchel, Will Leitch, Zander Lurie

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